Hi, I’m Regina.

I am a self diagnosed Pinterest addict, a full-time college student and a stay at home mom. I have done a lot with my life so far, and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. I grew up in Alaska, and so wish I could move back. I traveled a lot after highschool, and it was the greatest experience, I would recommend it to anyone. I was a member of the US Navy for 4 years and thought I would end up seeing more of the world, but got stuck with some duty stations that did not allow me to do so. I did however get to meet so many people who helped mold me. I now live in South Dakota, I am struggling with this but am aware we have to endure things we sometimes don’t always want to do. I will get back to the ocean and mountains some day.

I plan to share with you my days, my Pinterest finds and well my thoughts. Feel free to join me on this ride I call life.

to the right of the screen you will see a box that says “recent posts” that is what it is, you should see things I have posted recently. Under that you will see the archives, you can find everything I have posted there. Have fun!


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