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Roast Beast!


Today was the first rainy day in a long time! I can’t remember when we had rain last. So what better meal to have than Roast beef, or in my house Roast Beast! I found a recipe on, where else…Pinterest It looked super easy and It has butter..who doesn’t like Butter?! The Pinterest post had pictures for everything except the finished product, so I was concerned. I would not be able to see the finished beast because I had class tonight, so I had my husband and daughter take a picture before they devoured it. So here is my rendition, I didn’t change a thing. And for the record…it is a keeper! Only thing I may consider doing next time is adding a potato to absorb some of the salt.

What you will need:

A roast, I used a chuck roast, they are cheap

A stick of butter

a pack of au jus mix

a pack of ranch dressing mix

a few pepperoncinis

And a Crock pot…or slow cooker of your choice 🙂


Baked Spaghetti stuffed Garlic Bread


This recipe took some time, and really just spaghetti would have been a lot easier. But hey, I was bored and even though my lil one was at my feet screaming at me most of the time we got it done! And it even ended up looking better than the previous post! Yes this is another Pinterest find, here is the address in case you don’t trust my directions 😉

You are going to need:

1/2 lb ground beef or italian sausage

6oz spaghetti noodles

1 cup spaghetti sauce

1 loaf frozen bread dough

some spices of your choice

8oz mozzarella cheese (cut into 1/4″ cubes)

1 egg only the white

parmesan cheese for sprinkling

I’m back!


Sorry it has been a couple of days since I posted. I have had the crud, but I am on the mend and today I even feel somewhat human again. In saying that, the next time I am sick and I feel like I am better and then want to leave the house…hit me over the head with something would ya! As I was feeling really good and now, not so much. On a brighter note, I left the house to go to the grocery store! I stocked up on some stuffs to make a few Pinterest recipes I have been wanting to try. Tonight I am going to attempt the baked spaghetti in garlic bread! Sounded yummy, so check back later tonight for blog next post!

oh,i hope mine doesn’t end up like this!!!

The Puddin’ Cake!


Hi there,Today I am going to tell you how to make that delicious cake I found on Pinterest. The cake was initially a Red Velvet cake with Cream cheese Pudding. I did make that one, and the photo is in a previous post. I must say that it was fantastic! Here is the link to it…

But as I was going to buy more Pudding and another red velvet cake mix, I saw it! YES, pumpkin pie Pudding! so I had to try another variation to the cake. You could do any combo you would like, the directions would be the same. Here is my variation for you…

Go bake a cake…what ever flavor. All cake is good in my book! Don’t let it cool, just go to the next step.
Poke holes all over the cake. I use the handle of a wooden spoon. If you have a special cake poker feel free to use that or what ever you want.
This is what it should look like when you have the holes all poked…or like a masacre…either way.
LOOK WHAT I FOUND! Oh I love this time of year! Pumpkin flavor EVERYTHING! ok so grab 2 boxes of whatever pudding you would like. prepare it as the box tells you. Get it good and whipped, you don’t want it too watery…but not too thick either.
Then we pour the puddin’ on top of the still warm…or in this case… HOT cake.
Spread the puddin’ evenly over the cake, just make a few passes with a butter knife, try to get as much puddin’ down in the holes as will fit. there will be a good layer of pudding on top, do not worry….then put it in the fridge for a couple of hours. I know I know, but it is worth the wait!
Ok its been a couple of hours…or at least the pan feels cool…if you are like me and hate waiting! The pudding is now set and you have the tub of whipped cream at the ready!
Just plop the whipped cream on top…yup all of it! what? really? you are watching your waist line! Then why are we here?!
We then smear the whipped cream to cover the cake evenly. After you are done smearing the whiped cream around it should look like this, but if not, I won’t judge.
Who doesn’t want some of that?!



No matter how quick I am with the door, a few flies always seem to trespass into my house. Now this is a peeve of mine. I see them flying. I try to ignore them for a little while, but I just can’t for very long. When they get in, they let it be known, almost as if they are saying to me with their tongues out “neener neener”. There they are on the sofa, then on the window, then on my foot! That is the last straw! I go grab the fly swatted and like magic, they are nowhere to be seen! How?! It’s like they know! I will pace around the house trying to do a sneak attack, looking on walls looking in their favorite spots that they hang out at when the fly swatted isn’t present. Nothing! I have to give them credit. As much as I really don’t like flies, they are smarter than they look. But just so you know, I don’t give up. The fly is no more…until the next one that is.

The mind of a 17 month old…


Who can explain to me how a 17 month old thinks? I am a first time mom, and I often wonder to myself what I thought about when I was little. Not like if I pondered how the earth was made or anything, But simpler things. Like when my lil one wants to go wading in the dogs water bowl. What goes thorough her mind? Is it “ya, this will really piss mama off!” Or maybe “hmm it’s hot in here, I could use a swim”. I just wonder because I have tried every approach to steer her away from this. I have tried the nice sweet “now you know we are not to play in the puppy water, lets go over here and play with our toys” I have also tried “insert first and middle name here(stern voice) get out of the puppy water NOW!” I have tried smacking the hand, now before you go call CPS on me, I usually miss her hand and get my own and she cries more so because she is scared. And to add to that, she doesn’t even always cry! She sometimes points at me and goes “uh uh” accompanied by “the look” yes the look I give when I get mad, she gives back to me. She also knows she is not allowed to do certain things, because when she hears me coming she runs! So, what is going on in her head?

Another one I am still trying to figure out is potty training. We are not going at this full force, she is only 17 months I will give her time. But she knows what the potty is for. But why when I hear her, you know…crapping her pants, does she not go to the potty? I ask her if she needs the potty. Mid grunt I get an “uh uh”. Why? She hates to have her diaper changed, she should just go potty on the potty!

The other “what is she thinking about moment” is when she is “helping” me in the kitchen. Yes, I love her to see what goes on in all aspects of life. I include her when ever I can. But the kitchen has turned into a sorting room for her. She can get into very few drawers and cupboards in the kitchen. The ones she does have access to immediately become empty. Now she is tidy about this. Very particular on where the things will be relocated. this is why I can never find anything! But what does she think about as she relocated my spoons, and lids to the Tupperware?

I guess that is all that is on my mind for today. Well so far anyway. My 31 year old mind will continue to ponder the thoughts of a 17 month old. And no matter what I will continue to love her endlessly!

My Pinterest finds so far…


I wanted to catch you up to speed on the things I have made, and loved from Pinterest. This isn’t all that this blog will be about, but like I said I am ADDICTED to Pinterest! What a great resourse! (in the future I add links to where I found how to make them, but this is just to show what I have made thus far)


My First EVER Pinterest make!…Oh childhood I miss you. But this made it all better


Pre made cinamon rolls you know from the tube…put on a waffle iron!




A good qick easy meal!


Messy to make if you involve a lil one, but well worth it. It was fun and fun to play with




Wasnt too impressed with the cake, but the frosting! OH MY!


Yum…need I say more?!


Our fridge is not magnetic, this was a cheap and easy alternatve!


These were quick and delish!


I am teaching myself to sew, this is the first project I have made…since Highschool!


Easy quick Yummy dinner


Ok…you HAVE to make this. YUMMO!!!


We had fun with this, I taped the baggies to the floor and kept them there all day, we went back to it through out the day and mushed in it.FUN!



Ok I am new to sewing, but I saw a link to a patern on how to create a pillow mattress. I am a cheapo, so I didnt want to pay to have a pattern sent to me. Here is my finished project! Not bad and my lil one loves it!