The Puddin’ Cake!


Hi there,Today I am going to tell you how to make that delicious cake I found on Pinterest. The cake was initially a Red Velvet cake with Cream cheese Pudding. I did make that one, and the photo is in a previous post. I must say that it was fantastic! Here is the link to it…

But as I was going to buy more Pudding and another red velvet cake mix, I saw it! YES, pumpkin pie Pudding! so I had to try another variation to the cake. You could do any combo you would like, the directions would be the same. Here is my variation for you…

Go bake a cake…what ever flavor. All cake is good in my book! Don’t let it cool, just go to the next step.
Poke holes all over the cake. I use the handle of a wooden spoon. If you have a special cake poker feel free to use that or what ever you want.
This is what it should look like when you have the holes all poked…or like a masacre…either way.
LOOK WHAT I FOUND! Oh I love this time of year! Pumpkin flavor EVERYTHING! ok so grab 2 boxes of whatever pudding you would like. prepare it as the box tells you. Get it good and whipped, you don’t want it too watery…but not too thick either.
Then we pour the puddin’ on top of the still warm…or in this case… HOT cake.
Spread the puddin’ evenly over the cake, just make a few passes with a butter knife, try to get as much puddin’ down in the holes as will fit. there will be a good layer of pudding on top, do not worry….then put it in the fridge for a couple of hours. I know I know, but it is worth the wait!
Ok its been a couple of hours…or at least the pan feels cool…if you are like me and hate waiting! The pudding is now set and you have the tub of whipped cream at the ready!
Just plop the whipped cream on top…yup all of it! what? really? you are watching your waist line! Then why are we here?!
We then smear the whipped cream to cover the cake evenly. After you are done smearing the whiped cream around it should look like this, but if not, I won’t judge.
Who doesn’t want some of that?!

About Alaskan at heart

I'm new to blogging, I am not sure why I wanted to start, I just did. I have done a lot in my life so far, and love to learn. I try new things all of the time, and love to teach myself as well. My passion is the great outdoors, I love being with nature. I hope that this blog can be funny, insightful, and full of knowledge. I am a Pinterest addict, I love all of the ideas I get from that wonderful site. I try a lot of things from there so there will be many Pinterest updates from me. That is me in a nutshell right now.

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