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Felt Christmas tree


This is such a great idea for those of you who have little hands in the house that like to tamper with the pretty DO NOT TOUCH tree…or even for those of you who have very little space such as an apartment. It is very inexpensive to make and to top it off VERY easy and fast! So you have no excuse!

My lil girl LOVEs this, and it is even educational. She is 18 months and we had no idea she knew her colors, she is barely talking. But we asked her to bring the blue one…she did and we thought wow what a coincidence. Then we asked for the green one…she got it wow a super coincidence. Then we asked for the purple one…yup she brought it! No coincidence there! So all that coloring and saying the name of the color has paid off, and now this is educational too!

I saw the idea on Pinterest of course, here is the link i used

You will need:

A yard or so of green felt (depending on how big you want your tree.

a nice array of the felt squares you get at the fabric/craft store

a hot glue gun and glue sticks for it


a chalk pencil or something to outline the shapes with

and about a half hour of time.


Hand and Footprint Chistmas


At our house this year we are making a lot of our gifts for Christmas. I found 3 project ideas on Pinteres that I just HAD to do… deer foot/hand print Santa hand print handprint snowmen

I do not really know what materials to tell you to get. But here is what I used:

4 random white plates from the dollar store

3 random ball ornaments

Paint ( I used a gloss enamel for the plates, it needs to be baked on…and was kind of hard to get off skin, but it did come off with a bath, and I used just regular acrylic paint for the ornaments much easier to clean)

paint brushes

a childs hands and feet, or yours if you are looking to have some fun 🙂

lots of rags, soap and warm water!

eventually a bath!




Tutu :)


Around my house my lil girl likes to wear tutu’s. We have made Tuesday (not every tuesday mind you) TuTu Tuesday! How fun is that?! But who wants to wear the same ol’ tutu every Tuesday? We found a great easy way to make them…where else…PINTEREST! I did not follow this directly at all, she used a different size Tulle (tutu fabric) and also tied ribbon. But I like mine and here is how we did it!

what you will need:

4 rolls of 25 yard Tulle (adjust for differen tsizes, more or less)


needle and thread


some time

Bacon Eggers!


These were a great Pinterest find. They are so easy to make, I love them, and best of all…My lil girl loves them too. She is only 18 months old and she even helps make them, that is great in my books! here is the pinterest link I used…

what you will need:

375 degree oven

1 can of premade biscuts (10 pack)

few strips of bacon (sliced and cooked)

5 eggs

shredded cheese

Muffin tin- greased

No Sew fleece blankie…


Ok I have to say this, I LOVE that I have taught myself to sew. In saying that, I still like nice easy crafts! I have never heard of these blankets until I moved out to South Dakota They are the greatest thing EVER! What a simple way to make a handmade gift. If you get fabric on sale they are even cheap (ok inexpensive) to make. I did look on Pinterest to see if there were links, and there were. Good thing I looked too, I thought I could figure it out, but there was one step I would have never thougt of. Here is the link I liked best…

Here is what you need…

1  1/2 yards of a pattern fleece

1  1/2 yards of a cooridnating solid fleece



and a couple of hours

**as a note, this is for a child, for a grownup you may want to up it to 2 yrds of fabric.