What a year!


Really, come to think of it not a whole lot happened this year. but I feel as though I was busy throughout. And as for Christmas, that was busy in itself! I have been taking pictures of all of my Pinterest tries, I just have not had the time to update the blog…fear not, I am back and the kiddo is napping, so I may just be able to get a couple loaded! if not, it will happen very soon šŸ™‚ I hope you all had a great Holiday season and that Your new Year is off to a great start.


About Alaskan at heart

I'm new to blogging, I am not sure why I wanted to start, I just did. I have done a lot in my life so far, and love to learn. I try new things all of the time, and love to teach myself as well. My passion is the great outdoors, I love being with nature. I hope that this blog can be funny, insightful, and full of knowledge. I am a Pinterest addict, I love all of the ideas I get from that wonderful site. I try a lot of things from there so there will be many Pinterest updates from me. That is me in a nutshell right now.

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